Say Goodbye 2020, Set Intentions for 2021


Say Goodbye 2020 is a four-week online program designed to help find you more clarity and define your vision so that you can create 2021 of your dreams and ultimately a life in alignment with your deepest heart’s desires.

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Week 1

29.12.2020, 10am MST

GOODBYE 2020, HELLO 2021

In this session, you will

Close and reflect on 2020

Set 3 main themes for 2021

Define the value of values and intentions for 2021

The sessions will be each Tuesday starting from 29.12.2020 at 10 am MST. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live, there will be a replay available.

Say Goodbye 2020

This Program Includes:

Online Training, Meditations, Tools, Q&A

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